Tissot classic Prince watches series overviews

Swiss Tissot watch heritage of 158 years of history, carrying countless legendary. One of the most intriguing than the arduous journey of the 1917 classic "banana" watch between Russia and Switzerland Locke. Now re-engraved version of "banana" watch - Tissot T – Classic Prince watch vividly remodeling of the Art Deco style, and use a 18K pink gold manual winding mechanical movement, this heavy history of romantic style gift and lovely. The new the Tissot Prince classic series of pink gold models limited release, will be fine handed down will be the one bearing the legend.

The three Tissot classic watches a hard K-gold material and a rectangular case, inherited a collection of characteristics of the predecessors in the Museum of Locke, followed the "banana" shape. Iconic arched contour of the watch lines softened, like a wound in the wrist of the sculpture, everywhere reveal the new Renaissance 'atmosphere, full of artistic beauty, showing the classical European color, coupled with a fine leather table with throughout the design perfect, perfect fit to suit the female soft wrists. Vortex-shaped figure scale is also full of Art Deco style, size patchwork figure, rightly occupy every inch of space of the rectangular case.

Italics mark on the dial follows the 1925 design, this flag has been the target of collectors to collect. The fine pointer is added to a sort of romantic nostalgia, wearing this nostalgic design of the watch, romantic atmosphere and instantly spread throughout the body, the mind can not help but show a Renaissance Lady in a dignified and decent, elegant and beautiful image. The classic design and fashion standards, the new the Tissot classic prince series watches also selected manually wound mechanical movement with 17 precious stones, a water depth of 30 meters. The combination of luxury diamond decorated with contemporary elements of the classic series of new Tissot Prince, it is the choice of modern women.
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