The valuable of Chanel original leather

Chanel Original Leather a
valuable point - perhaps the most iconic 'it' bags. Here, we learn about the
latest arm candy ... we give you a chance to win one, too! The designers never
seem to stop the creation of Chanel black and white, the color of polarization
is always avant-garde sense of the times. The face of color "blowout"
of the new spring and summer season, a loss Naniebuzhu scale, why do not you
simple and stylish black and white with a shiny new program upgraded. Chanel
Classic 2.55 of styles of black and white with both free and easy
interpretation of the street the wind, but also elegant into the senior hall.
The endless stream of mix shows us the most low-key but most taste Style.

Ask any girl, what is their
ultimate desire to project, you will hear "chanel bags" More often
than not. Why? Through an instant dose, and Chanel bag - French fine, classic
sensibility with rock talent - quois quality lent to any wearer of JE NE of Supreme
Audit Institutions, we are scrambling to capture every single morning.
Replacement inside the red color of brown cocoa color and the uniform the
children remaining) on
​​the back cover is actually marked
the cocoa would stash extra money!

Almost every classic Chanel
Clutch from Marie Claire Taylor Thomas Xishan Clutch arm flap has been seen,
"Ice Queen herself, Anna Wintour, and can be found in major publications
around the world features almost every month. favorite celebrity and style icon,
Victoria Beckham and Rachel Pilsen, the package just to go all, will never lose
its value. the story behind the design, gorgeous, because it may be what truly
makes this Rare one worth the investment. "

In February 2005, Karl
Lagerfeld re-2.55-full Coco Chanel in 1955, the 50th anniversary of 2.55 chanel
Wallet, which was later known as the replacement. Technically should only be
used for long-term replacement, however, original, only in 2005 to commemorate
the bag, it has become convenient to call, similar to the 2.55 replacement and
2.55s interlock completion classic flap Chanel bag's position in all 2.55s
worth it? 100%. This is a package, and years to come, you must pass it to your
children and grandchildren to be held. If you can get your hands, we highly recommend.

First announced in February
1955, 2.55 nickname, the original chanel 2.55 Jumbo features the original
"Miss Lock", but has been updated, including the locks in the 1980s
by Karl Lagerfeld CC. PurseBlog vladi Dusil (our # 1 all things handbags source),
to tell the story behind the bag: "Coco Chanel's growth in an orphanage /
convent, therefore," double shoulder straps from the orphanage care of the
children will be the keys hanging from their waist with the same type of
replacement chain. In addition, replacement of the former cover the zipper
compartment, the cocoa detained her a love letter, because she was having an
affair at that time.

"Over the years, many
changes of chanel 2.55 Small of the original design, including the leather /
fabric, metal chain with interwoven leather, single lobe with double valve
closure Miss ring interlocking CC 2.55 refers to all flap-style bags, including
the original change, usually refers to long-term classic flap flap with the
interlocking CC closure and the leather interwoven chain. as usual, the price,
but regardless, classic flap wildly popular, you can see them hanging all over
the world, lucky Ms. weapons - usually the larger

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