The Many Sides of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban 4000 Series is known for their two main sunglass: the aviator and the wayfarer. Both are oldies and definitely goodies. You can pick up a great pair of large metal aviators from United Shades. Or if you prefer the wayfarer style, you can find a great pair at Tilly's, where they offer the original as well as several other colors and styles.

If you are looking for a fashionable pair of sunglasses, Ray Ban can also help you. Ray Ban does not just sell glasses that you think your dad would wear. They also have many other different styles some that are also very fashionable. Take the Ray Ban Havanna Sunglass for example. It is very stylish with its oversized lens and tortoise shell frame. It is a steal at just $119.99 from Worthy Fashion, compared to other designers selling a similar style for hundreds more.

Another fashionable look is the rimless shades because they look classy and really modern. The Ray Ban rimless silver and gray shades can be found at Popular Glasses. They are really sleek and can be worn by either a man or woman. If you rather have some frame to your glasses, you can get a pair of Ray Bans that only have the top of the lens covered with a rim. These are modern and very comfortable because they are sturdy but not too heavy. Find these glasses at United Shades.

Ray Ban Sunglasses literally come in so many different styles; it can really be hard to choose which one will be right for you. The best thing is that Ray Ban has grown to have a great reputation with their merchandise so you know you are getting a better than average product. They offer both sturdy and fashionable glasses, so anyone in your family will be able to enjoy a pair of these sunglasses.
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