Why choose Armani for men’s suits

Armani men’s suits are considered a special skill of the design house, whose subtle attention to detail and impeccable tailoring elevate the standard suit to a menswear classic. Ever since Giorgio Armani outfitted Richard Gere in his men’s looks for the 1980 thriller American Gigolo, which follows the travails of a male prostitute whose work is driven by his expensive taste, Armani men’s suits have been a status symbol for professionals worldwide. Because the Armani house of design is attached to many different labels, which all target specific markets and vary in terms of price, there is some basic information, which consumers need to know before beginning their search for the perfect suit.

Giorgio Armani helms more than eight variations on the Armani label, from the haute couture line Prive to the youth-oriented mass market Armani Exchange line. The iconic Armani suit is available primarily through the Armani Collezioni and Emporio Armani lines. In addition to theses expensive labels, Armani also introduced the even more upscale Giorgio Armani Fatto a Mano su Misura, or handmade to measure, collection in 2006. The custom tailoring of the made to measure pieces can cost thousands of dollars more than the suits offered through Armani’s other labels, and have been featured in films such as The Dark Knight, Duplicity, and Eastern Promises. For consumers with an unlimited budget and a penchant for indulging in the highest-quality menswear possible, the handmade to measure collection is the right choice.

Even for professionals on a budget, Armani men’s suits from one of the high-end labels is a good choice as an investment piece. Because appearance and a polished self-presentation are essential skills in many professional circles, from investment banking to the practice of law, any advantage that can be obtained through a quality suit should be exploited to maximum effect.

Emporio Armani men’s suits are available online, as well as at over 140 locations worldwide. While a suit purchased through the official website will most likely cost between $1,000 and $2,000, other websites offer Armani suits at heavily discounted prices. For example, Italian cart.com carries Armani men’s suits for as little as 160 Euros, or approximately $240. Armani Collezioni men’s suits will also cost upwards of $2,000, but may be found for discounts of up to 40% through retailers such as bluefly.com

Armani mens suits are standout investment pieces that are unrivaled in the fashion world in terms of sophistication, reliable quality, and instant brand recognition.
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