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Armani mens suits are famous all over the world for their originality, perfect tailoring, and the genius behind their designs. These tailor-made Italian suits cost more than the average suit but when it’s time for you to attend a very important event nothing presents you as a man of sophistication with a great fashion sense more than an Armani suit.


The founder of Armani House, Georgio Armani, never sought a formal education as a fashion designer. He attended the University at Milan Medical School right after high school and later started working at the Milan department store. His passion turned to fashion design and he designed his first line of men’s clothing in 1964. He reached design distinction in 1973-74 when he was the first to design a bomber jacket using leather as a fabric and became known for using fabrics in unexpected combinations.

Georgio Armani was the first to design unlined and unstructured jackets for men that were totally opposite of the traditional tailored look. The House of Armani still carries on its tradition of elegance, simplicity, and sophistication in Armani mens suits.

General Information

Most men find shopping for a suit a difficult but necessary task to accomplish. Armani mens suits eliminate all the confusion of style, fit, and color. You can be confident that expert construction, classic styling, and comfort are built into every suit. An Armani suit is a classic that never goes out of style so you never have to worry about spending a lot of money for a suit that is in style for only one or two seasons.

Armani mens suits have what the stylish, sophisticated man needs when you are looking for a suit for special events at work such as business dinners, formal affairs such as weddings, or even for attending worship services year round. You have a choice of one button, two buttons, or three buttons in solids or pinstripe in black, navy blue, or steel grey.

Emporio Armani

The Emporio Armani has several options. For example, the spring suit is constructed in light-weight wool voile with a three-button closure, and a slim fit for the trimmer figure. This black, lined suit has three exterior pockets with two interior pockets that are roomy enough to hold your iPhone and wallet. The pants are flattering to many shapes and sizes with a button closure and zip fly. The price tag for this wonderful, warm-weather choice is $370.00.

Another good choice in Armani mens suits is Emporio Armani in navy blue pinstripe with stitched trimming. This suit is constructed in wool voile that stretches giving you room to move. The suit has two buttons and one rear slit. The lined pants have the classic button with a zip fly closure.

You can draw wonderful attention to yourself by wearing the Emporio Armani in grey tone. This lined suit boasts a one-button closure with two rear slits that provides easy comfort and allows it to lie smoothly. The pant legs are straight cut to present a clean silhouette. Fine materials of viscose, mohair, and virgin wool combine to make this light-weight suit perfect for spring and summer weddings or other formal affairs.

Armani Collezioni

This collection has more sheen and costs more at around $890.00. The Collezioni is fashioned in a light weight wool voile material in a neutral gray. It has three pockets on the outside of the jacket with comfortable boning built in for structure. The pants include a hook and bar closure and add to the slim shaping of the suit.

A formal wedding is the perfect place for the Armani Collezioni Satan Stripe suit. This elegant suit can replace a tuxedo with its one-button closure, three outer pockets, and straight-legged pants. The overall look of this suit presents a slim silhouette of stylish manhood as only Armani mens suits can do.

If you want to add Armani mens suits to your wardrobe the classic Georgio Armani suit in black has three buttons on the outside with three pockets in its lined interior. Boning is added for extra structure. This classy suit is suitable for fall or winter, never goes out of style, and would be a great first addition to your wardrobe of Armani mens suits.
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