Introducing Beats by Dr.Dre Solo HD Project RED Headphones

In light of the exciting release of the Beats By Dre Solo HD (yes, that Dr.Dre, of international rap fame) Project RED headphones, we ask the following: what should you consider when buying headphones? (And are Dr.Dre’s headphones any good?) The criteria for selecting headphones is generally straightforward: type, comfort, sound quality, style, sound muffling and durability are the six things that tend to differentiate one set of headphones from another. And despite the specs listed on the box, the best way to see if a pair of headphones is for you or not is actually to try them out and listen to some music.

Dr.Dre’s Solo HD headphones pass these tests with flying colours, though durability remains to be seen given how relatively new the product is; there are also some questions about sound muffling capabilities on the Solo edition, yet, for most people, its positive qualities will make these headphones a better buy than many of its similarly-priced competitors (the Beats by Dr.Dre Solo headphones usually come around £150, with a larger version for the recording studio, with better sound-proofing, available from £280). It is also worth noting that the maker of these headphones, as part of the RED campaign, donates a portion of all the proceeds to the global fight against AIDS.

The Beats by Dr.Dre Solo HD headphones offer several outstanding features that include on-cable volume control and a microphone feature so that listeners can talk on their phone (the headphones are compatible with all iPhone products) without removing their headphones. The headphones also come with a thick wire (which protects it against shorts and other sound problems) that snaps snugly into virtually any device or MP3 player. The headphones are sturdy, collapse neatly into a fraction of their in-use size, come with a plush case and cleaning cloth and — most importantly — provide a full, rich sound you’d expect from a premium set of headphones endorsed by Dr.Dre.

For many, the headphones are the perfect combination of style and substance; indeed, the red exterior and grey interior make them among the most fashion-forward headphones on the mass market and are sure to secure them appearances on music videos, television shows and perhaps a city street near you.
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