Top Male Sunglasses For The Upcoming Summer 2013

When summer comes nearer, so does the crying demand for various types of sunglasses. Used to be ladies' special way of ornamenting and looking appealing, sunglasses's charisma has now crossed over gender and become unisex. Male sunglasses in the last few years have witnessed a whole bunch of transformations and shifts of styles. However, what remained true and correct all along is the undeniable consistency of popularity of these shades. In 2012, what will become the predominate trend or style in the male sunglasses department. Want the answer? In this piece, we present you just that.

Masculinity and boldness will still dominate male sunglasses this summer. The virile of all virile sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, originally created for the U.S Air Force, will be the most worn male sunglasses undoubtedly. In the new century, decades after its invention, aviator sunglasses are still an adored and celebrated type of sunglasses by male wearers all over the world. With new innovations and little decorations added to their frames, aviator sunglasses are once again experiencing a revival and glory of its past hey days.

As the metro-sexual storm penetrates every corner of the fashion world, more exquisite and feminine types of sunglasses are getting hotter and hotter. Among these styles, the plastic framed sunglasses are the most recognizable and loved. Thanks to endorsement from pop icons like Justin Bieber, theses plastic sunglasses are embraced by the young generation like crazy.

Material wise, this year's male sunglasses trend will be dominated by metal frames, since metal always give out that raw and pure macho vibe. In terms of color, dark and black will be prevailing. All in all, everything that reflects that manliness will be seen on this year's shades for male. As for what particulars you should go, just trust your instinct and listen to your within.

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